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We're dedicated to empowering childcare providers to reach their highest potential because we understand that excellence is achieved through equity, empathy, and executive support.

Our commitment extends beyond the centers we serve.


Support Early Childcare Providers 

  • Prioritize their growth through executive coaching, mentoring, and professional learning, with a commitment to elevating the center’s quality and accreditation

  • Center and respect each center's unique journey, challenging the one-size-fits-all approach, and valuing our providers' expertise

For Early Childcare Providers in Southwestern Pennsylvania 

Executive Coaching & Mentorship

Design Learning Experiences

  • Literacy Hub in the Hill District: A space where families immerse in a world of stories, creativity, and exploration. MWLC presents culturally responsive story hours, arts and crafts, and myriad learning adventures. Proudly hosting a vast collection of multicultural books tailored for Pre-K-5, this center becomes a fountain of knowledge and shared experiences.

  • Virtual Learning & Inclusion Portal: MWLC transcends physical boundaries with its dynamic virtual realm. This digital expanse brims with pre-recorded lessons, live-streamed reading sessions, engaging literacy games, and specialized tutoring, ensuring every child and family stays connected, engaged, and enlightened, regardless of location.

Equity in Early Childhood Education 

Margaret Washington Literacy and Inclusion Center 

We believe the solutions to the problems we seek to solve are found in the people closest to the problems. From our research and direct work with providers, we work to address both systemic and context-specific challenges that childcare providers serving Black and Brown children face.



  • Enhancing organizational efficiency for sustainable growth and impact by examining business operations and aligning processes and practices to organizational goals.

  • Cultivating a dynamic workplace that magnetizes and nurtures top-tier talent.

  • Committing to continuous excellence for recognized and enduring program credibility.

  • Fortifying financial resilience to sustain childcare centers through unpredictable economic conditions.

  • Weaving an inclusive educational tapestry that celebrates and honors diverse cultural narratives, with an emphasis on Black culture.

  • Empowering educators with the tools and training essential for nurturing tomorrow's changemakers.

Who We


At the heart of our mission lies a profound commitment to uplifting childcare providers of color and those dedicated to nurturing children of color. We recognize the vital role these providers play, often as unsung heroes, in shaping the future of our communities. We're here not only to stand beside them but to amplify their voices, champion their cause, and celebrate their invaluable contributions to early childhood education.

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